No Change to EU Roaming Charges

Major UK networks have stated that no changes will be made to free roaming services in Europe now that the UK has left the European Union.

It means customers can continue to use their data, make calls and send texts in the same way they would at home while travelling around the European Union from 1 January 2021.

The statement very much reads that no changes are planned ‘at the moment’, so the situation could potentially change in the future.

Users will have the same minutes, texts and data allowances to use or they will pay the same out-of-allowance or pay-as-you-go rates when in the UK or in Europe, depending on their mobile contract. Fair usage rules still apply.

The UK Government has also created a law to create a default cap on monthly data usage for those roaming anywhere in the world. Under this cap, travellers will be protected from unexpectedly high mobile bills by capping the additional amount charged per billing period at £45.

Many of the providers have been deliberately ambiguous, given the relatively recent trade agreement, so it remains to be seen whether they change tact in the coming months.

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