Our Partners

We work closely with the leading UK networks, whilst remaining impartial. Our close relationships enable to offer the most competitive tariffs on the market, whilst remaining impartial and independent.

How do we do it?

As an independent provider, we assess the needs of our customers closely from both a coverage and cost aspect. We then closely match their needs to a tariff and network which will fit their usage. If two or even three networks provide equivalent tariffs, we may offer a choice.

Once a decision has been made on the network and tariff, we can manage the entire process, whether this is porting networks or remaining. We can also provide you with the necessary hardware to host your tariff. We will then carefully manage your account for the duration of your contract, ensuring that you never spend more than you need and that any issues are addressed and proactively handled. Your account will be handled personally throughout with one of our team.


Why Choose Positive Business Communications for Business Mobile?

  • We're customer focused, providing you with a named account manager
  • We'll review your account regularly to ensure that you remain on-track
  • We offer dedicated contacts so that you can get in touch when you need us
  • We supply the leading hardware to go alongside your tariff
  • We're independent and so will offer the best tariff and network for your needs

If you’re looking for a new business mobile phone contract or even to benchmark our services against your current supplier, please do not hesitate to contact us.