How do we do it?

Positive Business Communications provide a range of hosted telecom solutions, which provide many of the same features and benefits of a traditional on-premise telephone system but with much more flexibility and a reduction in cost base. The infrastructure of a hosted solutions is held in the cloud within a secure data centre and so there is no requirement to host often expensive and inflexible PBX equipment on site.

Positive will provide full support including training, number porting, provisioning and assistance to ensure that you can manage much of the management and additional to your network yourself, taking away the cost of on-site engineers.

Recent events have shown that businesses need to be flexible and a hosted solution can allow you to work from any physical location, providing business continuity and disaster recovery.

Why Choose Positive Business Communications for Hosted?

  • Our solutions are flexible and can be created bespoke to individual needs
  • Hosted solutions can be accessed from anywhere, at any time
  • Hosted solutions can provide significant cost reductions
  • Our expert team will help to guide you through the features
  • You'll receive continued account management throughout your contract

If you’re looking for a new hosted solution or even to benchmark our services against your current supplier, please do not hesitate to contact us.